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St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary (SBAS) is one of the oldest, continuously active private Wiccan College and online learning site in California! We have been active for over 15 years and we are now an International school!

SBAS currently provides between 198 and 265 online courses (depending on the individual student's program) and related study materials for Wiccan Degree programs, presented to each student on their own private and secure individual SBA web page! It is used nation-wide and is available to international students as well. Our new main campus opened in Upland in 2011.

Please Note: We do not receive funding from Federal, State or local governments, are not accredited (by State madate: we are classed as a religous school) and are not subject to the majority of the rules or regulations imposed on mainstream colleges and universities.

                       Want to Make a Difference?
We need your help. All of our work is exclusively supported by donations, both internal and external. Your contributions make a direct impact in Wiccan Education and Spiritual Growth. While we are non-profit, we are, unfortunately, NOT a 501(c)3 organization or incorporated. Therefore, please note that donations are NOT tax deductible.

Please make checks payable to

Rev. Dr. Michael Farrell - Vice Chancellor/SBAS.

You may send donations in any amount you choose to our school address: ( <-- Click here ) Thank you for your generosity and support!

DISCLAIMER: This site presents our school in such a way that may lead one to believe we are a traditional college located on college-owned real estate. We are not traditional in this way. We do not own land or buildings and our classes are generally held, weather permitting, outside in nature, or in the homes of students or staff that volunteer their residence for that purpose.


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A special thanks to student Talon W. for re-engineering our Logo Button in fine detail seen in our banner at the top of the page. We use it here at the school and modified in our Coven banner.

The point of our Wiccan Religion, of all traditions of it really, is to celebrate, to honor, to praise and appreciate life and nature (the God and Goddess) in UTS (Their) many forms. It is NOT in the correctness of how we perform our rituals. It is not in how we dress (or not dress!) for them. It is not in any of the tiny details often involved in ritual planning. The point is to find beauty in all aspects and manifestations of the God and Goddess, and to take pleasure in the simple act of living. By doing so, we honor and respect Them. Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on the theology of our religion that we have often "missed the point" of it!

Perhaps We Should Rethink Our spirituality!

But the ability to do this doesn't come easily. It requires practice. When our lives are so full of schedules, and work habits, and other people who need to be pleased, it can be difficult to find spiritual solace in something as small and seemingly insignificant as the flapping of a butterfly's wings.


Beginning immediately, all students are reminded that you are fully responsible for completing your study programs on your own (as it has always been presented) and for maintaining contact with your professor every two weeks. You will NO LONGER be proded or reminded by your professor to complete your work. Students MUST maintain the two week email contact requirement.   If no lessons have been submitted, or there is no contact, for 30 days the result will be termination from SBAS. Few excuses will be accepted for this failure to comply with these obligations.

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Click the link below right to leave a message or comment or just to sign our gruestbook. If you have a question where the answer cannot be found here, write a short note with the question(s), and a staff member will get back to you by email. It may take some tme as we are short-handed, so please be patient. Non-students need to enter their name AND their email address (email address is REQUIRED or there is no way to respond to you!) in the places provided.
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